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☆ ♥ ♪ ;D

Happy first birthday, downto2!

To date, we've had 119 logs posted to downto2 and about 191 posts (including this one) posted to donutboys. We have fifteen members and twenty-eight active (or semi-active) characters involved~ Those are some pretty damn good numbers, don't you think? :D

Now, we were trying to think of a way to make downto2's birthday special, but... hell, I think we all make this game special every day, don't you all agree~? Whether it's Fuji being teased about firemen (don't even start, Eijimuse), or Bunta "D:"ing at almost every single character in this game, all threads that are created in each post are just... special in their own way. Why do something special when we can go back and read some pretty... actually, you know what? Let's take a walk down memory lane!

You haven't forgotten that every evening after school you come around to Hyotei and run the girls yoga class, have you?
Everyone's gone mad. I'm going to bed. Blood samples will be taken at practice tomorrow.
I cast Lvl. 8 Cock of the Infinite.
Cake porn.
Tezuka's dream "woman" and Fuji's dream fireman.
Momo's gonna die.
I know your LJ password. ☆
...Is an RPG. It's the only one I need. It's the RPG for me!
Fish-san (with a side of GP Eiji!stupidity).
I think your captain is rubbing off on me.
Looks just like you.
Intercourse... (Not like that.)
Productivity is the sum of all accomplishment.
They didn't always get along.
Doyou even know whataplane is, Akaya?
Kiyosumi's Holy Boxer Shorts.
Eiji's a magical girl.
Drunk and high.
D2 are
very stupid.
I nevernoticed howsexy your elbowscanbe.
Icanpromise I will alwayslove sweetthings.
Tuxedo Mask!Shiraishi.
Digitally rendered images.
Photographic evidence of Tezuka's cock.
Emoticon wars.
2 + 8 = ♥ ?
Howcanyou deny the birthdayboy~?
Yeah, so much for not having sex.
Kicked major butt, OMG!
We were all like, "Eeee!"
You're confusing me with Jackal.
"Yuushi's MEAN!!! >/

And, of course, the best of the best?

Your cock is on the internet.

Enjoy, everyone, and happy birthday, downto2. ;D Niou-winky-face.

And you guys should hear Anne Marie's commentary while watching Cinderella in Spanish. XD; "Why is this movie so gay? D: I don't remember it being this gay." <3
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