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Just as a heads-up to all those confused: Yanagi present and accounted for. XD;; So, any anonymous comments ending with the following symbol:

Are his doing. ;;; For the record, it was another of those moves InuYana backstory-style (his father's an accountant who gets transferred a lot?! XD;) except he would've kept in touch this time, to some randomass backwater place (Fiji or something) at the end of high school first year or so; in order to play his own style of tennis in the world's spotlight, he returned this year to the country of his birth! *manga-announcer style* Living alone in some rental somewhere, transferred to Tokyo U (is that possible?), etc. SpadeMaster steps up to lend a hand! *dorkness*
... Darn loudass muses. ><;

P.S. I believe that's all of Rikkai WTF. *celebrates?* XD;
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