Echizen Ryoma (downtoryoma) wrote in donutboys,
Echizen Ryoma

Um, just a quick note, I'm not sure it's of enough importance to put here, but, um, here it is anyway. :D;; Starting Thursday, Ryoma will show up at school completely made over - Shiraishi took him shopping for a bajillion new clothes (though that won't be apparent unless until anyone catches him out of uniform) and made him get a haircut/color, so he should have something like shorter bangs, feathering all around, lots of layers, and bleached portions underneath and around his bangs. ::loses at descriptions:: :D;; He also will be wearing eyeliner (because Shira made him get it on threat of having his eyes poked out) and more wristbands than just his normal tennis sweatband. It's not my fault! Really!

... Still barely talking to anyone and avoiding Kirihara; anyone not Dan commenting on his appearance will be ignored (Dan might get a shrug and a short kind-of-explanation if he asks).
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