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Hi. :D

Um. So. Taki and Bunta will be out of town, leaving Friday morning and returning sometime Sunday, for all concerned parties. Bunta is going to call Jackal at some indecent hour Thursday evening (well, Friday morning) and ask him to watch the kids over the weekend and take care of Zakii-chan and all that good stuff. They will be in Kyoto on a rather... impromptu trip, and probably just buggering their cell phones unless it's to call and check in on the kids with Jackal.

They will be, at some point, informing Jackal, Seiichi, and Shiraishi of their reason for the trip. :D; This is the part I'm afraid to type. They're running away to elope. Yes, really.

And that, ladies and... well, no, just ladies. That, ladies, is all she wrote.

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