Shishido Ryou (unnaturalvelvet) wrote in donutboys,
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Hiatus notice~!

Will be on at least semi-hiatus, starting tomorrow into August.

Shishi is hanging out with roommate/random people, being his usual self and just bumming around + keeping up all right with school and getting better at tennis all the time. XD; So he tells me. *eyeroll*

Akaya'll be hanging out with Ryoma (starting from scratch, in a sense :D;) and Gakkun and the rest of Rikkai, etc. Trying to keep Seigaku tennis club from imploding and trying to have fun + not fail English, as per usual. XD;;;

See y'all around~ <3 Feel free to mention muses in passing here'n there, kthnxplz? ^^v
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