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just a reminder~ [24 Aug 2006|11:48am]

[ mood | busy ]

Whit's leaving us the country as of the 28th, finally :P.

That said, we have all talked about discontinuing the game at this point; as much as well all love dt2, it's time to say goodbye.

:) So, that said, I think we can all feel free to wrap things up - final logs, final posts, plans for your characters, etc, and let's compile a "goodbye dt2" post with all our favorite moments/logs/etc so we can come back and find it when we're feeling nostalgic.

Sound good?

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the Kai-Kao Day celebration :D [29 Jul 2006|11:56pm]

[ mood | quixotic ]

- Saturday, July 29th, from about four, afternoon tea to dinner and after <3
- Seigaku courts. :D All of them. And probably various neighbouring fields. There are going to be decorations. |D
- Almost-open invitation. 8D Plan: to make this the biggest party possible, since that's what Kaidoh would've wanted least. :D; The invitation was extended to any and all PoT boys (of course), as well as their families/partners/whatever (pets sekritly included), the rest of the Seigaku club, any of Kaidoh's classmates, etc.
- 'Most everyone's bringing random foodstuffs/drinks/etc. :D Sanada = grillduty.

- Jumping castle. XD; Princess Castle, or something equally mishapen.
- One of those.. er. Pens of baby animals and such, that are sometimes at the mall? :D;; Where you get to feed the goat!kids milk out of bottles and stuff? 8D Yeah.
- Yuuta's band will be playing on things and a small stage from the music club/room.

... |D He's kind of completely forgotten a Proper Cake (<-apart from the random ones people are bringing). Somebody's gonna be running around for candles, later. :D I think that's the gist of it.

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Hiatus notice~! [03 Jul 2006|08:36pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Will be on at least semi-hiatus, starting tomorrow into August.

Shishi is hanging out with roommate/random people, being his usual self and just bumming around + keeping up all right with school and getting better at tennis all the time. XD; So he tells me. *eyeroll*

Akaya'll be hanging out with Ryoma (starting from scratch, in a sense :D;) and Gakkun and the rest of Rikkai, etc. Trying to keep Seigaku tennis club from imploding and trying to have fun + not fail English, as per usual. XD;;;

See y'all around~ <3 Feel free to mention muses in passing here'n there, kthnxplz? ^^v

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Goodbye Downto2~ [02 Jul 2006|06:47pm]

Well, summer's started and I've decided to go and get a life. XD;; So, I'm going to quit RPing. :D; Shiraishi had tons of fun and if he was still in my brain he'd probably wibble and give everyone an over-dramatic farewell. :Dv

Farewell, forever ;_;
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... [30 Jun 2006|02:25am]

[ mood | ... ]

Hi. :D

Um. So. Taki and Bunta will be out of town, leaving Friday morning and returning sometime Sunday, for all concerned parties. Bunta is going to call Jackal at some indecent hour Thursday evening (well, Friday morning) and ask him to watch the kids over the weekend and take care of Zakii-chan and all that good stuff. They will be in Kyoto on a rather... impromptu trip, and probably just buggering their cell phones unless it's to call and check in on the kids with Jackal.

They will be, at some point, informing Jackal, Seiichi, and Shiraishi of their reason for the trip. :D; This is the part I'm afraid to type. They're running away to elope. Yes, really.

And that, ladies and... well, no, just ladies. That, ladies, is all she wrote.


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UH... [29 Jun 2006|02:24pm]

[ mood | dying ]

I had to link this, and show you guys. Okay, mainly for Whit/Jackal, BUT STILL.



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[28 Jun 2006|11:25pm]

Um, just a quick note, I'm not sure it's of enough importance to put here, but, um, here it is anyway. :D;; Starting Thursday, Ryoma will show up at school completely made over - Shiraishi took him shopping for a bajillion new clothes (though that won't be apparent unless until anyone catches him out of uniform) and made him get a haircut/color, so he should have something like shorter bangs, feathering all around, lots of layers, and bleached portions underneath and around his bangs. ::loses at descriptions:: :D;; He also will be wearing eyeliner (because Shira made him get it on threat of having his eyes poked out) and more wristbands than just his normal tennis sweatband. It's not my fault! Really!

... Still barely talking to anyone and avoiding Kirihara; anyone not Dan commenting on his appearance will be ignored (Dan might get a shrug and a short kind-of-explanation if he asks).
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Note- [27 Jun 2006|04:34pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Jirou put together a package of goodies for Bunta & Gakuto. It mainly contains a variety of snacks, but they don't primarily have to do with Russia, obviously. (I actually searched quite a bit to find candies and such that are indigenous to Russia; it was harder than I though. @_@) They're mostly things he found that he felt they would enjoy, but not necessarily be able to find easily in Japan (er, as far as I know, at least. :D;) They include! (and there are a few of everything [food-wise] so they can share with the others if they want. ^^)
° Bun (I couldn't help it. XDD;;)
° Appleheads
° Fun Dip (Especially thought of Gaku when I/Jirou saw these. :3 )
° Mini-cake (Something about that really amused me. XD; But, hey, I bet they'd be tasty! :D)
° Kvass (Ah~ And something actually Russian.
° Honey cakes (More Russian)

Also included in the package is a letter written to both of them. Plus, Jirou (apparently o_O) has a tape-recorder; he recorded 3 tapes. One of them for Bunta, one for Gakuto, and one for them to listen to together. They consist of a variety of messages - he took the recorder with him on his outings - so, think of it like a bunch of audio letters/journal entries. Each tape equals to approximately 15 minutes, and they include everything from the classic Jirou spazz (which he was given very strange looks for, for the ones recorded while out & about. XD;;) to things like asking how everyone's doing, etc. The ones addressed to them as individuals are a bit more personal, and may be a bit depressing. ^^;; But, really, what's on the tapes is up to your disgression, guys. ♥

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*headdesk* [22 Jun 2006|04:16pm]

[ mood | sheepish ]

Just as a heads-up to all those confused: Yanagi present and accounted for. XD;; So, any anonymous comments ending with the following symbol:

Are his doing. ;;; For the record, it was another of those moves InuYana backstory-style (his father's an accountant who gets transferred a lot?! XD;) except he would've kept in touch this time, to some randomass backwater place (Fiji or something) at the end of high school first year or so; in order to play his own style of tennis in the world's spotlight, he returned this year to the country of his birth! *manga-announcer style* Living alone in some rental somewhere, transferred to Tokyo U (is that possible?), etc. SpadeMaster steps up to lend a hand! *dorkness*
... Darn loudass muses. ><;

P.S. I believe that's all of Rikkai WTF. *celebrates?* XD;

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For anyone at the Seigaku courts Thursday, 6/22 [22 Jun 2006|01:10am]

[ mood | awake ]

Anyone that would be at the Seigaku tennis courts on Thursday afternoon immediately after tennis practice would have seen Ryoma and Yukimura head off to one of the courts and play a one-set match. It was a very quiet match, without much talk (or snark - Ryoma was quiet and serious without any of the usual cockiness), and it was pretty much a fight for every point with a number of very, very long rallies. Both were playing very seriously, and would've been very hot and tired and gross by the end. :D;;

Ryoma took the lead early on with 5-0, making Yukimura visibly somewhat angry, but Yukimura made a bit of a comeback towards the end of the match. The final winner was Echizen: 6-2. They would've shaken hands, with a "Good game" from both and possibly a "Keep it up" from Yukimura (who also tapped Ryoma's hat over his face and earned a tiny scowl~).

Yukimura would've left immediately afterward (apparently smirking the tiniest bit... D:) unless someone from Rikkai (read: Kirihara~) asked him otherwise; same goes for Ryoma, who would've left in his tennis gear to shower and collapse at home (unless otherwise detained, probably by Kirihara or Dan). So, um, Fyre and/or Alsie, let us know if your boys would've done anything afterward~ <3

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Rikkai university courts - Thursday [15 Jun 2006|10:13pm]

[ mood | hot ]

For all of you that have characters that go to Rikkai Uni, Bunta and Seiichi will be drawing quite a crowd on the tennis courts on Thursday (today) - and will be there basically all day. Rumors will probably spread pretty fast through the school, and I'm guessing the crowd will only grow, as they are so tennis-crazy at that school.

The first few games will go to Bunta easily - he's not holding anything back, and playing tennis like no one has ever seen before. Eventually, Seiichi will "wake up," so to speak, and give his full effort in return, and start to win some games. Regardless of the score or how many sets they've played, they will not stop until one of them collapses.

It will end when Seiichi has to throw in the towel, his stamina can't keep up with Bunta's, and at that point, Bunta will have been losing for a while (though not without a damn good fight). He'll probably just crumble, too, once he's satisfied that Seiichi has given in. They'll both be so totally unaware of their surroundings, that they would not have noticed the crowd (or familiar faces in the crowd) or the passing of time.

At that point, they'll gimp off to the showers, and then Bunta's going home.

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planning! [08 Jun 2006|11:54pm]

Okay, I realize there's been some miscommunication regarding possible plans for this evening, and in an effort to better organize this particular event, I'm writing a post. Hi. :D

Basically, as I understand it: Jackal, Bunta, Kirihara, and Taki want to confront Seiichi about his recent behaviour towards Ryoma. I believe we wanted to try and get the rest of Rikkai involved as well, especially after subsequent comments to Seiichi from both D2 and Taki.

I don't know what anyone else's schedules are like, but if we wanted to have this event occur real-time, in either a Skype chat or MSN conference (or AIM), we should figure out a time that works best for everyone. As for me, Friday is good; Monday and Tuesday are good. Wednesday might be good during the day. Anytime after that I will be in-transit.

I realize that my own schedule is severely limiting when we might be able to do this, so in the case that there is no time that this can coincide, I propose that we begin a comment thread or group e-mail log taking the place of a real-time event.
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Disappearance~ [26 May 2006|11:07pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Ihaveto make this quick because it is lateatnight and parent is cranky~ D:

Will be completely incommunicado until Monday due to family exercise over the weekend. 8D; So, basic rundown:

-Akaya will be doing whatever he's doing. People can feel free to steal him as long as it doesn't interfere with Saturday morning practice or something, and leave him some time to do his homework~ (He says that he needs to spend some time with Ryoma, WTF. XD;)
-Shishi is playing tennis vs. Gakkun tonight (Friday), possibly doubles (with Niou, Gakkun gets Ducky), and leaving for Netherlands tomorrow--Sayoko and Taki included. XD So, Jen, Alice, feel free to mention him in passing. ;;;

Ibelieve that's all for the weekend~ Seeyou on Monday, folks. ♥

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Re; Jirou's departure: [25 May 2006|02:20pm]

Well, the day is finally here [ok, almost]. Jirou leaves the country this coming Saturday, the 27th. I'd imagine that all of Hyoutei would be there to wish him well and send him off, but I'm just making this post for a few other things.

Just to begin with... I know that Bunta and Gakuto will definitely be there, as well as Taki. Then again, as I mentioned, I would think that Yuushi, Shishido, and all the others would be present. Jirou's entire family will be there as well.

So, for those who will have their character(s) present, how are they going to be? Jirou's going to do his best not to cry. He knows that he'll be writing to some of his closer friends, plus he'll call, and continue to post in his journal. He and Bunta said their goodbyes on the last night of their trip (which we may be logging), so when the time comes, they'll simply hug, and make things as quick as possible. No need for breaking down, now. u_u

Alice... As I mentioned to Anne Marie, I think Jirou's going to want to hug Taki. Right before he leaves, he'll pull both Bunta and Taki into a hug, at the same time, and quietly say something along the lines of, "I'll see you soon." He'll do this with Gakuto, as well.

If any of you have character reactions that you'd like to mention, feel free to comment.

Jirou's extremely excited, but of course; however, he's also been on the verge of bawling his eyes out, as of late, at the same time. It's understandable. So, if he seems edgy with comments, that why. =/

OH. I know I mentioned this to a few of you, but since this game is in real-time, I'm more than likely going to have something happen to Jirou (within his family, or something), that'll make him cut his trip short. It'd be far too difficult to literally have Jirou away for a full year. I'm not sure what event will happen, but it'll probably be something positive, such as, say, the wedding of his older brother. Poor Jirou's gone through enough negativity to last him a while. =/
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☆ ♥ ♪ ;D [14 May 2006|11:57pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Happy first birthday, downto2!

To date, we've had 119 logs posted to downto2 and about 191 posts (including this one) posted to donutboys. We have fifteen members and twenty-eight active (or semi-active) characters involved~ Those are some pretty damn good numbers, don't you think? :D

Now, we were trying to think of a way to make downto2's birthday special, but... hell, I think we all make this game special every day, don't you all agree~? Whether it's Fuji being teased about firemen (don't even start, Eijimuse), or Bunta "D:"ing at almost every single character in this game, all threads that are created in each post are just... special in their own way. Why do something special when we can go back and read some pretty... actually, you know what? Let's take a walk down memory lane!

You haven't forgotten that every evening after school you come around to Hyotei and run the girls yoga class, have you?
Everyone's gone mad. I'm going to bed. Blood samples will be taken at practice tomorrow.
I cast Lvl. 8 Cock of the Infinite.
Cake porn.
Tezuka's dream "woman" and Fuji's dream fireman.
Momo's gonna die.
I know your LJ password. ☆
...Is an RPG. It's the only one I need. It's the RPG for me!
Fish-san (with a side of GP Eiji!stupidity).
I think your captain is rubbing off on me.
Looks just like you.
Intercourse... (Not like that.)
Productivity is the sum of all accomplishment.
They didn't always get along.
Doyou even know whataplane is, Akaya?
Kiyosumi's Holy Boxer Shorts.
Eiji's a magical girl.
Drunk and high.
D2 are
very stupid.
I nevernoticed howsexy your elbowscanbe.
Icanpromise I will alwayslove sweetthings.
Tuxedo Mask!Shiraishi.
Digitally rendered images.
Photographic evidence of Tezuka's cock.
Emoticon wars.
2 + 8 = ♥ ?
Howcanyou deny the birthdayboy~?
Yeah, so much for not having sex.
Kicked major butt, OMG!
We were all like, "Eeee!"
You're confusing me with Jackal.
"Yuushi's MEAN!!! >/

And, of course, the best of the best?

Your cock is on the internet.

Enjoy, everyone, and happy birthday, downto2. ;D Niou-winky-face.

And you guys should hear Anne Marie's commentary while watching Cinderella in Spanish. XD; "Why is this movie so gay? D: I don't remember it being this gay." <3
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quick reminder [09 May 2006|09:40am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Just a quick reminder, re: schedule.

-Classes have resumed for Seigaku and Hyoutei, and should have begun for Tokyo University; you guys will have to speak amongst yourselves about Rikkai, but it really shouldn't be any later than this week.
-Starting today, and henceforward, Bunta and Jackal are on a regular training schedule, and have invited Seiichi and Sanada to join them.
-Jirou and Bunta will be gone the 14th-23, on their tour of Japan.
-Jirou leaves the country on the 27th
-Taki and Shishido leave on the 27th, and are gone for two weeks (June 10th)
-Bunta's being kidnapped by Jackal for ten days starting on the 27th, as well (back on the 5th); Taki will probably ask Kaidoh to watch their "children" until then (as well as Zakii-chan)

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7 daaayyss [07 May 2006|02:09pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Well, GUESS WHAT, guys?

Next Sunday, the 14th, will be downto2's one year anniversary. Can you believe it?? Whether you came along just recently, or have been here since the love_deuce days, I wanna say thanks!! ^_____^

...'cause really, we all are awesome here. X3

Now: I was thinking/hoping that we could put together something special, for when next Sunday rolls around. I'll be honest and say that I, personally, have no ideas at the moment, but... ^^;; I wanted to make this post, regardless, because maybe one/a few of you guys have some thoughts?

Anyways, yes. You guys are all great. Keep up with the posts/comments/logs! ♥!

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Tennis Tournament! [06 May 2006|10:02pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Um! ::barely revives from being nonexistant:: I talked to Jen (who said she talked to Alsie :D;;) about the tournament; I think my plan was to have Ryoma vs. Yukimura for the finals, and with Yuki collapsing, Ryoma wins by default (and is really really grumpy about this). I just wanted to double-check with everyone else and make sure that was okay, and if that's the case, then let everyone know that's what happened. ^^;;

I'm so sorry I've been practically dead to the world for weeks now. o.o; I've been really busy with school, and I have to take my qualifying exam in two weeks so I'm kind of studying for that. :D;; But! I will try to be a little better about keeping up, and I'm always available by email. ^_^ And Ryoma should post about the tournament soonish, provided no one has a problem with the outcome mentioned above~ I know I owe Taki a log, we will start that, I swear!!

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Disappearance [01 May 2006|07:23pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Now that the Bubbles are comfortably settled in their new home, they'll be vanishing off the face of the planet for the sake of "alone time". Taki is going completely incommunicato. He won't respond to any comments or answer his phone. He won't reply to any IMs he might receive (he'll be shown as idle) from the characters he would normally chat with. This would be mainly Niou, I think, but Taki would've given his information to Ryoma, all of Rikkai and Hyoutei, Kaidoh, Shiraishi, etc. as well.

The only time Taki will be visibly seen is when he's walking Princess Pochi. Any visitors to the apartment will be outright ignored though a particularly persistent individual might get greeted with a distinctly grumpy "Come back next week" or something along those lines depending on the individual. For example, Niou would likely get the door shut in his face without a word. XD; However, it'd be very obvious what was going on from Yagyuu's apartment next door given that the Bubbles are rabbits with no sense of propriety or volume control. XD;

Otherwise, Bunta won't be seen or heard from until Friday when he visits Jirou for his birthday and Taki won't make an appearance at all until the party on Saturday. :D;;

I think I remembered everything. Possibly. XD;

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Birthday! D: [29 Apr 2006|08:52pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Heeeyy guys. I'm an absolute putz, and can't believe that I nearly forgot about my own muse's birthday. -_-

Anyways. Jirou turns 19 on Friday, May 5th. As I mentioned before, he'll be spending the actual day with his family. It's the main reason why he didn't leave for his trip right away. I would assume that he would have bits of free time here and there, on the 5th, though, so if anyone wants to come by to see him, that's cool too.

On Saturday the 6th, he's having a party. A big bash at his house, in fact. I'll admit that I haven't even begun to plan what's all going to happen, but I'd imagine it'd be similar to how Bunta's party went. Lots of food [especially since Bunta's invited, obviously~], a DJ, and chit-chat. Everyone is invited. Yes, even Taki (because Jirou is determined that they become good friends again, before he leaves). :O I'd also imagine there'd be a lot of silly games and prizes, too, because hey - this is Jirou.

Jirou will have asked all of his former teammates, as well as close friends, to stay for a while, once the party ends. Why? I feel that he wants to thank them, I guess. Or, more likely, he wants a smaller get-together for his going-away party. I may decide to hold this of a different day, but given how he and Bunta will be gone from the 14th to the 23rd, and then Jirou leaves the country on the 27th, I'm not sure how much time he'll have to make room for a party.

If it makes things simpler, however, the birthday party can be his going-away party, as well. ♥

Now! If you guys will, please comment here with the following:
1) Who, if any, of your characters will be present
2) Any details you want to add in.

Jirou will be in a good mood that day. On his actual birthday, he had a lot of fun; his father [whom Jirou doesn't usually get along with] surprised him, and the family spent a lot of time just talking and eating out for dinner, etc. So, needless to say, Jirou will be very pleased and chipper on the 6th.

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