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Re; Jirou's departure:

Well, the day is finally here [ok, almost]. Jirou leaves the country this coming Saturday, the 27th. I'd imagine that all of Hyoutei would be there to wish him well and send him off, but I'm just making this post for a few other things.

Just to begin with... I know that Bunta and Gakuto will definitely be there, as well as Taki. Then again, as I mentioned, I would think that Yuushi, Shishido, and all the others would be present. Jirou's entire family will be there as well.

So, for those who will have their character(s) present, how are they going to be? Jirou's going to do his best not to cry. He knows that he'll be writing to some of his closer friends, plus he'll call, and continue to post in his journal. He and Bunta said their goodbyes on the last night of their trip (which we may be logging), so when the time comes, they'll simply hug, and make things as quick as possible. No need for breaking down, now. u_u

Alice... As I mentioned to Anne Marie, I think Jirou's going to want to hug Taki. Right before he leaves, he'll pull both Bunta and Taki into a hug, at the same time, and quietly say something along the lines of, "I'll see you soon." He'll do this with Gakuto, as well.

If any of you have character reactions that you'd like to mention, feel free to comment.

Jirou's extremely excited, but of course; however, he's also been on the verge of bawling his eyes out, as of late, at the same time. It's understandable. So, if he seems edgy with comments, that why. =/

OH. I know I mentioned this to a few of you, but since this game is in real-time, I'm more than likely going to have something happen to Jirou (within his family, or something), that'll make him cut his trip short. It'd be far too difficult to literally have Jirou away for a full year. I'm not sure what event will happen, but it'll probably be something positive, such as, say, the wedding of his older brother. Poor Jirou's gone through enough negativity to last him a while. =/
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