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Ihaveto make this quick because it is lateatnight and parent is cranky~ D:

Will be completely incommunicado until Monday due to family exercise over the weekend. 8D; So, basic rundown:

-Akaya will be doing whatever he's doing. People can feel free to steal him as long as it doesn't interfere with Saturday morning practice or something, and leave him some time to do his homework~ (He says that he needs to spend some time with Ryoma, WTF. XD;)
-Shishi is playing tennis vs. Gakkun tonight (Friday), possibly doubles (with Niou, Gakkun gets Ducky), and leaving for Netherlands tomorrow--Sayoko and Taki included. XD So, Jen, Alice, feel free to mention him in passing. ;;;

Ibelieve that's all for the weekend~ Seeyou on Monday, folks. ♥
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