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Okay, I realize there's been some miscommunication regarding possible plans for this evening, and in an effort to better organize this particular event, I'm writing a post. Hi. :D

Basically, as I understand it: Jackal, Bunta, Kirihara, and Taki want to confront Seiichi about his recent behaviour towards Ryoma. I believe we wanted to try and get the rest of Rikkai involved as well, especially after subsequent comments to Seiichi from both D2 and Taki.

I don't know what anyone else's schedules are like, but if we wanted to have this event occur real-time, in either a Skype chat or MSN conference (or AIM), we should figure out a time that works best for everyone. As for me, Friday is good; Monday and Tuesday are good. Wednesday might be good during the day. Anytime after that I will be in-transit.

I realize that my own schedule is severely limiting when we might be able to do this, so in the case that there is no time that this can coincide, I propose that we begin a comment thread or group e-mail log taking the place of a real-time event.
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