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For anyone at the Seigaku courts Thursday, 6/22

Anyone that would be at the Seigaku tennis courts on Thursday afternoon immediately after tennis practice would have seen Ryoma and Yukimura head off to one of the courts and play a one-set match. It was a very quiet match, without much talk (or snark - Ryoma was quiet and serious without any of the usual cockiness), and it was pretty much a fight for every point with a number of very, very long rallies. Both were playing very seriously, and would've been very hot and tired and gross by the end. :D;;

Ryoma took the lead early on with 5-0, making Yukimura visibly somewhat angry, but Yukimura made a bit of a comeback towards the end of the match. The final winner was Echizen: 6-2. They would've shaken hands, with a "Good game" from both and possibly a "Keep it up" from Yukimura (who also tapped Ryoma's hat over his face and earned a tiny scowl~).

Yukimura would've left immediately afterward (apparently smirking the tiniest bit... D:) unless someone from Rikkai (read: Kirihara~) asked him otherwise; same goes for Ryoma, who would've left in his tennis gear to shower and collapse at home (unless otherwise detained, probably by Kirihara or Dan). So, um, Fyre and/or Alsie, let us know if your boys would've done anything afterward~ <3
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