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Jirou put together a package of goodies for Bunta & Gakuto. It mainly contains a variety of snacks, but they don't primarily have to do with Russia, obviously. (I actually searched quite a bit to find candies and such that are indigenous to Russia; it was harder than I though. @_@) They're mostly things he found that he felt they would enjoy, but not necessarily be able to find easily in Japan (er, as far as I know, at least. :D;) They include! (and there are a few of everything [food-wise] so they can share with the others if they want. ^^)
° Bun (I couldn't help it. XDD;;)
° Appleheads
° Fun Dip (Especially thought of Gaku when I/Jirou saw these. :3 )
° Mini-cake (Something about that really amused me. XD; But, hey, I bet they'd be tasty! :D)
° Kvass (Ah~ And something actually Russian.
° Honey cakes (More Russian)

Also included in the package is a letter written to both of them. Plus, Jirou (apparently o_O) has a tape-recorder; he recorded 3 tapes. One of them for Bunta, one for Gakuto, and one for them to listen to together. They consist of a variety of messages - he took the recorder with him on his outings - so, think of it like a bunch of audio letters/journal entries. Each tape equals to approximately 15 minutes, and they include everything from the classic Jirou spazz (which he was given very strange looks for, for the ones recorded while out & about. XD;;) to things like asking how everyone's doing, etc. The ones addressed to them as individuals are a bit more personal, and may be a bit depressing. ^^;; But, really, what's on the tapes is up to your disgression, guys. ♥
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