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the Kai-Kao Day celebration :D

- Saturday, July 29th, from about four, afternoon tea to dinner and after <3
- Seigaku courts. :D All of them. And probably various neighbouring fields. There are going to be decorations. |D
- Almost-open invitation. 8D Plan: to make this the biggest party possible, since that's what Kaidoh would've wanted least. :D; The invitation was extended to any and all PoT boys (of course), as well as their families/partners/whatever (pets sekritly included), the rest of the Seigaku club, any of Kaidoh's classmates, etc.
- 'Most everyone's bringing random foodstuffs/drinks/etc. :D Sanada = grillduty.

- Jumping castle. XD; Princess Castle, or something equally mishapen.
- One of those.. er. Pens of baby animals and such, that are sometimes at the mall? :D;; Where you get to feed the goat!kids milk out of bottles and stuff? 8D Yeah.
- Yuuta's band will be playing on things and a small stage from the music club/room.

... |D He's kind of completely forgotten a Proper Cake (<-apart from the random ones people are bringing). Somebody's gonna be running around for candles, later. :D I think that's the gist of it.
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There's going to be a mini petting zoo? ::cracks:: XD; Oh, wow

Just as a general notice, even though I doubt it'll matter: Dan will be present, obviously, but he'll seem a bit wacky (well, more than usual). He's still all frazzled from what happened with Ryoma and all. At the party, he'll be like his chipper self, but it'll be/sound/look more like he's trying to force it. He doesn't want to crumble in front of everyone. ._.; So, feel free to have characters mention something about that in their entries, if you want. ^^;

Oh, and if they ask him if something's wrong, he'll probably deny it - unless it's Sengoku, Eiji, or possibly Taki. >_<;

Oh! And Sanada will do his best not to grump about. XD;
I don't think Taki would ask Dan what was wrong since he promised (himself, I think?) that he'd just have fun at this party. He would've noticed Dan was forcing it though and politely dragged him along to the petting zoo and the jumping castle with him until he started seeing a genuine improvement in his mood. XD;
Ahh, petting zoo! |D That would be the name for it. XD; Yes -- Hazue mentioned that Kaoru liked cute things, and so.. yeah.

Aww, Dan. X3; The poor kid... Niou'll stick to pestering Sanada. :D; <3
Taki would've been on standby for whatever tasks Niou needed him to do but other than that, he would've haunted the jumping castle as instructed, along with the petting zoo because he adores animals. XD; He also would've been wearing his geekish clothing and glasses (though he would've taken the glasses off so he could frolic properly). He might drop the suggestion to Niou that they all play games like Duck Duck Goose, Red Rover, or have a three-legged race or something if it looked like people were getting bored.

Other than that, he would've played lookout if Niou wanted to ravage Yags in the jumping castle, stuck to Bunta a lot (and possibly do some ravaging of his own on the sidelines), and spent time catching up with Kaidoh since they haven't seen each other in a while and it's his party and all. :D

Taki says he forgot it, too, but the presents are taken care of? Hopefully, Hiroshi remembered it? XD;
Yagyuu is getting ravaged in the jumping castle what? X3;;
*laughs* Taki mentioned to Niou once that a jumping castle looked like a fun place to have sex and volunteered to play lookout if Niou wanted to test the theory. The muse says that the offer still stands if a lookout is needed. XD;
I think Yagyuu's quite mortified. XD;
... XD; Oh dear~
Well, would Niou try it? XD;
Probably not, given the amount of people and subsequent amount of cleanup required. 8D;;

Though, uh. XD; "Not this time" would probably be a more accurate answer.
Too bad neither of their birthdays are within the month... XD;
*pokes defunct </s> tag* |D

Well. Yes. :D; But then again really, really no. XD;


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The games'd be a good idea. :D Especially if there were siblings and such. XD <3 I can kind of imagine one of them standing there with a megaphone, and yelling instructions and such. 8D; Fruits basket!

Yeah, oh well. |D;; As long as the presents are all good! They can just use a few of the other cakes or something...
Late, but, yes. *Dead.* Niou wins as party planner. <3 That ended up being ridiculous. :D

Kaidoh would have been completely dumbfounded, at first. Since it came out of nowhere. XD; He seriously wouldn't have really known what to do at first, since he'd never had a big party like that. Lots of "WHAT," "don't pay attention to me!" and standing around awkwardly. But I'm sure Hazue would have been all excited and hyper and would've pushed big brother around into having fun until he did it on his own.

As soon as he got the Ragdoll kitten from Eiji, he wouldn't have let go of her for the rest of the party. Just carrying her around everywhere with him. X3

It may not have been obvious, but he actually had a really great time eventually.~

Aww, Niou would've run around with the vidcam, taking advantage of the dumbfoundedness. XD; <3 Yeay for Hazue! :D

Kaidoh + Cat = So much OTP. >3<

... \XD;/