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the Kai-Kao Day celebration :D

- Saturday, July 29th, from about four, afternoon tea to dinner and after <3
- Seigaku courts. :D All of them. And probably various neighbouring fields. There are going to be decorations. |D
- Almost-open invitation. 8D Plan: to make this the biggest party possible, since that's what Kaidoh would've wanted least. :D; The invitation was extended to any and all PoT boys (of course), as well as their families/partners/whatever (pets sekritly included), the rest of the Seigaku club, any of Kaidoh's classmates, etc.
- 'Most everyone's bringing random foodstuffs/drinks/etc. :D Sanada = grillduty.

- Jumping castle. XD; Princess Castle, or something equally mishapen.
- One of those.. er. Pens of baby animals and such, that are sometimes at the mall? :D;; Where you get to feed the goat!kids milk out of bottles and stuff? 8D Yeah.
- Yuuta's band will be playing on things and a small stage from the music club/room.

... |D He's kind of completely forgotten a Proper Cake (<-apart from the random ones people are bringing). Somebody's gonna be running around for candles, later. :D I think that's the gist of it.
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